Datasmith 5.0 3DS Max Plugin Failure To Find 3DS Max 2023

As the title states, I’m trying to install the Datasmith 5.0 plugin for use with 3DS Max 2023. I’ve downloaded the installer but, when I open it, all it does is ask for permission to install and then fail immediately saying it can’t find any installed instance of 3DS Max.

The installer is being ran from the same drive that 3DS Max is installed on, and I installed both 3DS Max and Unreal Engine to their default directories.

I can’t seem to find anything about this error in the FAQs, nor in a Google search, even when expanding my search to include not just Datasmith 5.0, but any version of 3DS Max as well.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

We will check with the team, but I see that the plugin supports 3DSMax up to 2022 only.
@Antoine_Guillo might know more.

Hey Twitchy3y3 !

The release timing of the two products was not optimal and we could not release a plugin with 3dsMax 2023 support before the release of 3dsMax 2023…

An update to the Datasmith plugin with 2023 support will be released with the first Hotfix of 5.0.

Cheers !

You know, that’s what I was thinking, but I could have sworn I saw that Datasmith 5.0 would have 3DS Max 2023 support out of the gate. I can’t seem to find that now, so I must have been mistaken, which would definitely make sense on why it isn’t working.

Is there an ETA for the first Hotfix of 5.0? I’d just rather not have to step back versions in Max to work with Datasmith as it was a fresh install on a new rig, but I’m sure I can come up with something it the fix is a while yet.

The Hotfix is scheduled for in a few weeks, I have no exact ETA to share.
I’ve sent you a PM regarding 2023 support.


I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Is there an intermediate workaround?

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Hi all !

The Datasmith 3dsMax 2023 plugin for 5.0 is scheduled for the next 5.0.2 hotfix release.


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Hi antoine
What about revit 2023 ?

Hi Farshld !

We are targeting 5.0.2 for the Autodesk 2023 softwares support (3dsMax, Revit and Navisworks).



Is there a way to get a version of Datasmith that works with Max 2023? I’m in the same position

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Same here,even though im still using UE4.27 myself…

Yes wait for us to release it. As Antoine said, target is along release of 5.0.2 planned by end of May.

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Is there any official plan to make Datasmith support Autodesk Maya, or there are other better ways to make the link between Maya and ue in addition to fbx, no longer bothered by various material types, such as vray material. I think 3dsMax does a great job.

Waiting and really needing datasmith plugin for 3DS 2023 for UE4.27
much as we love the potential of UE5, its not there for us quite yet.

The 5.0.2 plugin with Max 2023 support should work well with UE4.27 as there was no fundamental changes between these two versions.

The 4.27 plugin will not receive any update in the future as development has stopped for this version of the engine.

Note that UE4.27 will not be compatible with the future 5.1+ releases of the plugin, due to Large world coordinate and mesh descriptor changes happening in UE5.1.


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Thanks. that is encouraging that the existing 3DS 2022 should work with 3DS 2023.
However, any idea on how to get it to install to 2023?
Simply copying the DatasmithMax2220.dle over to the 3DS 2023 plugin folder does not work, which is not surprising, I guess.

Hi Gary,

There’s a misunderstanding here : the 4.27 and 5.0.1 Datasmith plugins are both compatible up to 3dsMax 2022, but you will have to wait for next Hotfix of UE5, 5.0.2, for 3dsMax 2023 support.

The release target for that Hotfix is set to end of May for now.

What I mentioned earlier was retro compatibility of datasmith scenes exported with the 5.0 plugins and imported in 4.27.

Hope this helps !


when your side will release next Hotfix of UE5, 5.0.2? I uninstalled the 3ds max 2022 last week!

So far it is scheduled for next week.

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