Data Organization for Blueprints

My background is Javascript and I don’t know much about C++ yet. I looked at blueprints but I’m not sure there’s a practical way for what I want to do listed below.

I’m making a character creation process.
You can choose through outfits (skeletal mesh items added to base)
Each item piece has a different amount of parameters for the material to choose the color.

Now multiple by X for outfits, hair styles, colors, skin tones, etc.

It seems like structs are very limiting. Is C++ best for this? I’m not sure where to begin on how to structure this data. I want to make it scale-able and dynamic. (I can add a hairbow as part of the outfit and not need to re-hardcode anything)

Sorry for the noob question.

Hi man,
I am pretty used to blueprint so i dont find it very strange.
For example ,

I would make a struct “Equipment_N” with inside
one array of enum, “Hair T_2” “Jacket_n5” “Backpack_n3”
one array of transform, “Location rotation scale”
One array of EnumXmat “Version_Blue” “Unlocked_skin” “Custom_Vers”"

And you can list hundred of static mesh/ transform / version of everything

I suggest you to store Versions of multiple-collecction-of-materials , using an enum or whatever.
Then directly in another Structure or actor you will define all the different collecction of materials that you can have for the item.
PLus if you need one full customizable colorscscheme : You can easily use an empty array of material, and define him like custom_Vers, to put inside the choise of the player.

Array material (Jeans,Metal , Leather, Jeans , Skin,Scales)

You can watch these, which will be useful for deciding on the data structure;WTF Is? Data Asset in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube
[WTF Is? Data Table in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube

Type Object · Behavioral Patterns · Game Programming Patterns](WTF Is? Data Table in Unreal Engine 4 ( UE4 ) - YouTube)