Data corruption on an asset in a project?

I have a object that I was using to test a normal map bake. The object worked fine.

I did some more test bakes and reimports with that object and another, and then, at some point, I started getting:

“cylinder has some nearly zero tangents which can create some issues. (Tolerance of 1E-4)”
“cylinder has some nearly zero bi-normals which can create some issues. (Tolerance of 1E-4)”

When I would delete the test object and reimport it.

The test object’s bake started looking bad in Unreal, once I was getting these errors.

Creating a new scene and then reimporting the same test object made things work. I thought this might be related to something within the editor and read that there’s a “DerivedCache”. I thought a project cache might be the issue and that forcing the editor to rebuild it would work, but I wasn’t able to find one. Renaming the engine DerivedCache didn’t work, but the engine did start rebuilding thing like the shaders for the sky/chairs/etc in the starter scene.

I’m wondering whether there’s a button, setting, or something I can do to avoid creating an entirely new project. I’m also curious to know what’s going on here.