Darker surfaces from lighting? Materials stretching on BSPs?

Hi all, I’m pretty new to the engine so please bear with me if these are some pretty basic things, I wasn’t able to find a solution elsewhere yet.

  1. My first issue stems from lighting. I have a basic box shaped room at the moment made of 5 separate BSP brushes, all have the same material applied with the same settings. When I put a directional light in the scene however the walls have some pretty drastically different brightness values despite looking to be under roughly the same amount of light/shadow. Is this just how it is? Am I missing something? (see attached image, the back wall in the lit corner). I also can’t seem to get indirect light bounce count to make any sort of visible difference.

  2. I’m having a strange issue with my materials being stretched out across my BSP brushes randomly. It looks almost like the UVs were flattened or something. However if I click around on some options (like rotate 90 degrees four times, click the flip U or flip V button a couple times) and then move the bsp, it goes back to normal; even if I undo the move.

I’m on 4.7.3.

  1. does this happen after the light build? -> that’s a known bug and will be fixed in 4.7.4 :slight_smile:

Hm…It might be after light builds. I guess I never connected the two, seemed random. Glad to know it’s known about though!

As for the first problem I originally posted about; it becomes a lot more obvious once I’ve lightened the scene up a bit (first image). Part of me wants to think this is just how the lighting is, but it looks pretty unnatural to me. Also, if I turn the entire scene so the side with no wall (behind the camera from these shots) is facing toward where the directional light is coming from the back is *still *darker than the rest. I thought that maybe this is an issue with BSPs some how, so I converted the brush to a static mesh, but this doesn’t seem to get any lighting/shadow information at all (second image) from the directional light unless it’s set to “movable”. Even with it set to movable static mesh I can’t seem to get the shadow/lighting resolution to match the adjacent BSPs.

I feel like I’m missing something really basic, but I’m not sure what it would be.