Darker objects


I am playing abit around with foliage and creating grass but keep running into an issue where some meshes turn up darker than others. They have the same texture/material and are just smaller clusters of the larger patches of grass with some added details. I have done some screendumps to highlight the issue. It only turns up after I have build light. They show up in the the lit and lighting modes. if I force no precompute lighting they are as they should be and the same color.


any ideas what the problem can be? Thanks!

are the lightmap UVs of the same density for the small and large patches? there’s a view mode to check for that.

They show up as light brown in the lightmap denisty, does that mean they should not be affected?

Anyway, I went back and recreated the medium patch from the large one making sure that the uvw is the same size and went over all settings again and now it seems ok. If it is the lightmap that was doing this then problem solved so thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I did the same procedure for another patch though and as I paineted with it, it gradually turned darker the more I painted until it became black… removing it and starting painting again made it start out ok until a certain point where it started getting darker and then black again. any ideas what could be causing this? Maybe I should just try and delete and redo. It would just be nice to know what to look out for so things like this dosent happen.

edit: tried removing the mesh completly and creating it from scratch but still the same issue with it getting darker after a while. Sometimes it happens after just a few numbers of painted, sometimes after a couple of thousands. If I undo the paint that caused the foliage to darken or erase it, then it goes bak to normal. Seems to happen when painting on a different section of landscape. But it dosent happen all the time… and sometimes by painting on another section that dosent cause the error I can then paint on one that would cause it and it is ok…