Darker Lighting in a Room?

I am trying to make a dark looking Parking Lot but i’m having some issues.
I just can’t find a way to make it darker than the rest of the map. I lowered the skylight intensity to the point where it doesn’t make a difference outside but inside it’s still very bright. I tried to add a box reflection capture but it doesn’t seem to help at all. I also have all the static lighting features turned off as i’m trying to keep my project real-time so nothing i can do with that either.
Is there any way to achieve the look on the right side of the picture below without changing the skylight intensity?

You could use a post process volume for the interior and increase contrast or play with other Film and Scene Color settings to darken the scene.

That’s a nice idea but how would i go about limiting those settings to the interior?

Make the post process volume large enough to cover the interior. You’ll see the effects of the properties you set for that volume only when you are inside of it if you dont enable Unbound.

Oh, I didn’t even know the post processing volume has bounds. Just tried it and I’m getting great results! Thanks mate!