Dark Square/Box on water

Guys this is driving me absolutely mad. I have no clue what it is and I had it for a while for every water material I flight over. It appears only when getting close to the water. Anyone had this issue before?

I’ve never seen this before and with the little info you give I can’t think of anything. Could you share more scene specifics? Any volume boxes that you are crossing, or reflection bounding boxes.

Sorry I did not share much info about it. It seems there is a problem with the volumetric lighting and translucent materials. These commands change the size of the volume and it might help you getting around that limitation. I hope that helps to anyone looking for a way to fix it somehow. I am not sure there could be anything better to do other than using forwardshading for the water as that introduces some other limitations.

These values are defaults and modifying them can get you around that horrible box.