Dark shadows / dark spots

Hey,when i import the fbx into unreal from blender i get these extremly dark shadows or black spots. i dont want them to be that dark is it possible to edit or remove this? i only get these shadows when i build the light but before i build the light i get no shadows on the character. i want it to look like this(the first picture) first picture is taken before i build the light.

You can increase the skylight intensity.

I have to say, the first even looks pretty normal to me :wink:

I’m afraid I have no idea…

Yeah but its still hella dark, even tho i turn up the intensity

haha, bc when i import the model to unity i dont get those black shadows only with unreal. so yeah that sucks. even when i put on a skin color those parts get completly black. Thanks for trying atleast

Rotate your model and check if the dark spots still in the same place. perohaps you got a smoothgroup import/export.
But as ClockworkOcean, says, from the screenshots you send if very dificult to see the real problem.

yeah i did rotate it but the dark spots are still the same. the problem are those black/dark spots. there should be more light if you get what i mean. ive been playing around with it now and it seems like its the AO its too dark. i will edit the AO and see if it gets fixed

edit: It did not fix it