Dark Interior Shadows

I’ve got a point light in a closet with some wire racking, pretty basic. I basically just need to diffuse the light so my shadows don’t come out so black, is there a simple way of doing this? Shadow softness/transparency is what I’m looking for.

Thanks guys.

You can use a skylight as additional light source or a cubemap in your post process volume to eliminate total darkness. You can also use LPV as your lighting solution, which supports dynamic GI for point lights as well since 4.9 as far as i know.

You can also try and adjust min/max brightness in the post processing volume as well as add an ambient cube map, careful with that set it to something like .25 or it washes out the shadows.

You actually need a reflection environment. Place a box reflection capture actor in the center of the room. It will fill in the areas that typically go black in a shadow with a sort of “lit reflection” of the environment.

Actually, under your World Settings (Window - World Settings) you want to expand the lightmass settings rollout and find Environment Color. This is the color that the level uses for the shadows. Set the color to something a bit lighter than pure black like 0.025. If it’s still too dark, keep increasing the value until you get the color you want. I’ve gone as high as 0.345 before.