Dark Indoor Light Propagation Help

Hello, I just wanted to know if anybody had experience with light propagation in dark indoor scenes? I have spent too long tweaking it and getting crappy results. I have read all the documentation. It explains at a high level what something does, but no good examples of parameters to set. My problem is that my scene is baked using static lighting with mixed dynamic lighting. It is a dark indoor scene. So, when all the lights are off in the building, it is too dark for the player to see. I am not using something like flashlights or night vision as that would break part of the gameplay. So, I am at the mercy of building good lighting.

My question is, are there some good recommended settings for the Light Propagation, PostProcessVolume and World Settings that work for a dark indoor scene?
Bonus question: Good parameters for Auto-Exposure for a dark indoor scene?

I would really appreciate the help.

The most important thing for auto exposure is to make sure that the histogram min and max cover the range of brightness levels in your scene. Go into the show->visualize->hdr view mode to see what the histogram looks like in your dark areas. If you cannot see any details in that view mode, and the histogram is basically empty, it means that the eye adaptation is not considering light levels that low, and you need to reduce the histogram low value in the post process volume until those details come back.