Dark Hunter - Lab Project

Dark Hunter - Lab Project, it is a level that I will be working on for a while, it is inspired by the Gears Of War 5 style🕹️, it is based on a laboratory where experiments are carried out in which you can interact within its different areas :video_game::radioactive:

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This week I was making modular pieces and implementing them in the project, I am very happy for the progress c:


This week’s progress :video_game::radioactive:

This week I was making some of the cryogenic capsules I leave you the advances :video_game::radioactive:

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Hey Natdoom!

Thanks for sharing your project with the unreal community, its so inspiring to see such detailed work as it’s developed.
The lab you’ve created is something out of all of our inner-evil-scientists fantasies. The scale of the world and the futuristic machinery all seem so daunting and skillfully crafted. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been working on this project?