Dark color banding

Hey there,

I have a serious issue with dark parts of my game (which are quite a lot in a deep sea underwater game :wink: ).
They look like gradients to black are banded… like a old 16bit image.
I have googled a lot and found out about the limited RGB output for TVs.
That fixed the issue for Elite: Dangerous where dark gradients are now looking superb.

But in my own game (developed on UE4, for sure) I still have those issues.
I start the game in direct mode and it doesn’t matter if I use a packaged build or if I start it from the Editor.

Anyone got an idea how to fix this?
It’s hard to show what I mean because it is only visible in the DK2, not on the monitor (looks fine there).

you are speaking about dark smearing?
its well-known problem, they going to fix that (they say) perhaps in next year or next decade.

anyway i must suppose that problem going to dissappear with the new CV1 screen, live with that for DEV with DK2.

No, I am talking about something that looks like the posterize filter from Photoshop.

creating some hard lines in the linear gradient sort of speak yes?

Exactly that!