Dark Chrome objects??

Hi all,

Objects I placed in my map seems very dark for some reason.
I’m trying to get a bright chrome material, the setup is fairly simple I don’t know where I went wrong.

This is my material node


I suspect that the problem is coming from diffuse since I set the Roughness to 0.1 so it’s very close to chrome material and metalic value to 1.

However I’m certain that my diffuse color is bright enough and for the purpose of test I’ve tried to brighten it up by 16 times but the outcome still doesn’t look right at all.

How can I get a bright chrome material in UE4?

Your diffuse map is pretty dark so what you are seeing is normal. Is there a reason why you want the whole TV have metallic properties? It would be easier for you if you can make a mask for metallic parts so that you have more control over this.

Turn roughness down, since chrome is reflective like a mirror. And then make sure that you’ve got reflection probes in the scene, otherwise it’ll go off of SSR

Hi guys thanks for the input. I’ve tried increasing the brightness to 16 times in the texture setting, it’s brighter but still tooo dark.

I’ve tried 0.1 to 0.3 for the roughness but the overall color still dark.
Increasing the roughness to 0.9 will makes the object brighter but obviously it will not absorb lights as much and won’t look like a chrome.

I don’t want the whole TV to be metalic, I’m just curious as to why I can’t make a bright chrome sphere.
There is reflection probes just next to the objects. It’s all scattered around the ‘starter’ map.

As you can see in diffuse the metal part is fairly bright. having the outcome to be very dark in open environment is definitely inaccurate. I’ve placed it next to a chrome material and confirmed that reflection probes are presents.

Anymore ideas?

Color comparison in material editor and in-game .