Dark backfaces in 4.23 foliage

hey folks, I always worked the same material for vegetation without problems in previous versions. My material is composed like this:

  • Material Domain: Surface
  • Blend Mode: Masked
  • Decal Blend Mode: Translucent
  • Shading Model: Two sided foliage
  • Two Sided = true

Is there any problem with this setting in 4.23?

Maybe it’s not a material issue, have you changed something on the mesh? Are the mesh normals and smoothing groups set up properly?

most likely a distance field issue. they did update something with that too if I remember the release notes correctly.

I didn’t really change anything in mesh or material. I only opened the project made with 4.22.3 version in 4.23 and converted it, and foliage’s backfaces turned black…