Dapper Hat Collection

Base price for both packs have been reduced

Pack 2 now available

Pack update
New Featured.jpg…hat-collection

A collection of hats that you can customise using material instances.
This 1st pack is up on the market place and I have a 2nd one in development

Hats is the 1st pack include

  • Bowler hat
  • Top hat
  • Cap
  • Military cap
  • Upside down Bucket
  • Baker boy cap
  • Cowboy hat
  • Panama hat
  • Football helmet
  • Bandanna mask
  • Propeller hat
  • Wizards hat
  • Sombrero
  • Fez

- attachments and new blueprint added


2nd pack will have
-Sweat band

  • Beret
  • Party Hat
  • Paperbag
  • Santa hat
  • Army helmet
  • Baseball helmet
  • Doctor mirror
  • Chinese
  • Pith helmet
  • Fedora
  • Beanie
  • Headphones
  • Tricorn

What Head ware and other features would you like to see in future packs or additions to the current one

I will ask this again as I have no sales and feedback in the week that has been up.

What Head ware and other features would you like to see in future packs or additions to the current one?

Pack 1 is on sale

Looks very useful for sure, I’ll be picking this up later on. The only “weird” part is that the project that needs these hats will have the folder for many other “unused” hats, perhaps that’s not a bad thing.

work in prog shots for some new hats

A few more work in progress shots for new hats

Pack 1 is still on sale!!

Here is some more details on that pack as I haven’t given much about it

you can change the properties of all the hats withing the material instances

Here are some sample variations to the bucket that you can do

Some hats like the cap can have images attached to them

Here are some more of the hats

Now added a an attachment system to the hats to get even customization

cool collection and the customization is pretty great. just bought it, keep it up!

Some more ideas for you maybe… like police, fireman, swat/tactical hat (the one with the goggles/sunglasses attached), karate kid style head band tied with danglies at the back, toque (kinda like the beanie but with fold up at the bottom and a pom pom along the top.

I havent checked, but is the logo on the hat removeable? Is it a separate item in the material or a parameter that can be hidden or replaced with an image of choice?

The logo on the hat can be replace with any image it is a separate material from the main hat, so if you want to remove it you can by unchecking the use image box in the martial instance.

also I will be adding the attachment system into pack 1 when I release pack 2

Nice hats :wink:

Pack 2 is almost ready.
A few little bits a pieces left to do as well as add 2 new hats to pack 1 and the attachment system to pack1

Here are all the base hats for pack 2

A bunch of customized baseball helmets

Are there any particular attachments that any of you would like to see added to the packs?

I know you’re releasing these in packs, but are the attachments included in both packs equally? Like if I only want pack one or only pack two… I’ll have access to all attachments either way yea?

yea, I will be adding the same attachments to both packs unless it is a custom attachment just for a particular hat. So i will be holding off submitting pack 2 until pack 1 works with the attachments.

Im also setting it up so you can load in custom hats from other packs and custom props as attachments, so you can use stuff like Kelheor/Ruslan’s hat pack with my attach system

very nice.

for additional attachments.

goggles: standard aviation goggles as well as night vision goggles(rotatable goggle portion so that user can set rotation when its “worn” vs “put up”), feather, shark fin, viking horns, “road warrior” spikes

Maybe when you’re done these two packs you could do a hair pack that works standalone or with these hats and or attachments. Changeable hair would be cool.

I may not add any eye wear as attachments to this pack but I am considering making a pack of just eye ware.
But with the latest addition to the attachment system you can use any prop now as an attachment. including other hats


Also adding a bunch more masks to the materials to get even more verity

Pack 2 is just ready. Also I plan to add new hats and attachments to both pack 1 and 2 before I make any new packs

As it is there is already thousands of combinations / variations you can do with this hat pack with even more to be added


Pack 2 has been submitted and pack 1 up date is not too far off as well. new hats and attachments added to pack 1

when I do the next pack who would like to see a more focused pack?
ie. emergency services, military, medieval