Dapper Hat Collection

I would definitely be interested in a medieval pack. :slight_smile:

anyone else wanting a medieval pack?

Pack 2 and an update to pack 1 will be out soon.
The attachment system has been added to pack 1 as well as a new hat

Pack 1 Has been updated

just an update
Pack 2 is still waiting for a release date but hopeful shouldn’t be too far off.
But in the meantime, I can considering adding another hat to pack 1 or maybe some more attachments
Let me know what you would like to see and I will try and get something added soon

Pack 2 is up on as I still have no release date for the marketplace
you can get it from here Dapper Hat Collection #2 by infectedfury

Finally have a release date for Pack 2, it will be available next marketplace update in a few days

Pack 2 now available](

Any feedback from people that have used the packs?

To the people that don’t have the packs, what would entice you to pick them up?

Sorry if this is in a readme, but what are your socket location/rotations? I’m having difficulty getting all of the hats to align properly to a single socket. Great pack (bought pack 1), thank you!

Base price for both packs have been reduced down to $8 each

I’d love to see more protective gear (stuff that people would find useful when fighting off zombies and other mundane threats like that ;). Some ideas:

  • Riot Police Helmet (with plexi visor),
  • Welder’s Mask,
  • Hockey Helmet (with cage, plus points if separate mesh),
  • Hockey Mask,
  • Motorcycle Helmet,
  • Paintball Mask,
  • Gas Mask,
  • Chainsaw Safety Helmet,
  • Firefighter’s Helmet,