Cylindrical brushes disapear from wireframe view

I’m making a cylindrical chamber using a subtractive cylinder. When I made the two brushes (rectangular additive brush, and subtractive cylinder) everything was fine. I used the orthogonal wireframe views to make adjustments. But, when I saved and submitted to perforce, the brushes no longer show up in wireframe mode. I can see them by switching to lit, unlit or otherwise, but wireframe refuses to render brushes that are clearly there.

Edit: Additional info. The brushes can be selected in lit/unlit/etc but they can’t be edited in any manner. Even the mover widget refuses to come up.

Hi Scorpio Uprising,

I apologize for the previous post. That was made on a test account while testing the name error you are currently experiencing. We have entered a bug report for the name bug on answerhub in regards to your name showing up as <>.

Now, For your cylinder brushes error, which version of the editor are you using and does this happen on a blank project with no additional content?

The name error is kind of funny, I’ve used the same brackets in multiple games and some of them have it happen as well, but some don’t (the name I had in there was <>). Programming!

As for your questions: I’m on 4.5. The current map where I’m having the bug is a blank map with four entities (player start, skylight, atmospheric fog, and a light source) but I’ve also had the bug happen in another map that had slightly more content (specifically some pickups, lights and additional player spawns).

Does this only occur after getting the data back from perforce or will it occur when you simply save and close the editor then re-open the project?

If you do manage to recreate this error, please post the reproduction steps here.

Built another version of the brush with subtractive cylinder. When I saved it without submitting the subtractive cylinder is still there in wireframe on restarting. When I submitted it and restarted, the cylinder is still there in wireframe. Seems I can’t repro the issue I had before.

I’ll keep that geometry in the level as I work to see if the issue comes up again.

Yup, will do. Thanks!

Hi Scorpio Uprising,

We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information. Thank you!

Haven’t been able to replicate it unfortunately.

Not a problem, I will keep it marked as answered for now. If you experience it again, please comment and let us know so we can continue to try and find out what is occurring.