Cyclic color shader

Hi there!!!

Anyone know how I can achieve this shader, a shader to do color change in a cyclical way, it start on a color, for example blue and it will change into green, purple and end in orange. And these colors can be parameterized.

Any type of documentation will help me. Even if someone did this in udk.

Thank you so much.

Off the top of my head a network of If nodes should do i think.

I wonder if it would be better to do this through Blueprint.

You could do it through timelines or lerping vectors.

A shader could do it, but it’d be a lot of instructions & complexity for a fairly simple effect.

Oh yeah, that’s possible as well. You set the color as a parameter in the material > set your color transitions in a Timeline > feed that to the parameter in dynamic material instance.

Thank you! I think blueprint will be the best option, and faster than custom material.