Cyberpunk Streets Environment

Hi guys,

I would like to share with the community something I’ve been working on for fun in my spare time. I’ve always liked the atmosphere of cyberpunk environments, so I’ve decided to put together some of my own. This still need a lot of polishing and tweaking, but I think it shows off the mood I’m going for well enough.

Everything here was created by me except for the human characters (some of which are from Epic’s released content, some were put together in Mixamo Fuse).

Lighting is 100% real time, a combination of DFAO and HBAO+.

Performance is not the best at the moment, as I was recording at full HD at max settings, and my machine cannot handle that so well :slight_smile: Also, there’s absolutely no optimization done for this level (+recording software also takes its toll). Sorry about that, I may do some optimizing in the future :slight_smile:

Some screens:




And walkthrough:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks Unreal community for the support! I’ve got a lot of my questions answered while I’ve been working on this.

P.S. I apologize for all the asian signs spelling, those are totally random and I have no idea what the read, if anything at all :smiley:

Absolutely beautiful work :smiley:

This is nice.

Please keep working on it.:slight_smile:

unbelievable. someone needs to hire you as a level designer!
I kind of hope this is gameplay footage for sleeping dogs 2 :smiley:

Very nice. =)

Very cool work! I really like how life like everything is, feels like a real city rather then just static screenshots ( esp. from the video).

This is soo awesome!

Thanks for reply guys, really glad you like it :slight_smile:

This is simply stunning. Fantastic work there very atmospheric.

Looks great. What sort of time scale was it produced over?

I am loving this

Really impressive. Looks like something I’ve wanted to play for a long time.

Any plans to release this so we can take a closer look?

Looks Triple-AAA… But is it all just Triple-A eye-candy and actually quite static…?

Stopping at vending stalls is not much of an indicator of compelling interactive gameplay.
Can you interact with the world in the way you want, the way things appear in the video?
What vehicles can you drive, what buildings can you enter, can you fly over the city etc?
(Don’t buy Triple-A games any more, the lack of true freedom to roam is a big part of it).

Very well made. I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen in the forums.

The cops reminded me of Judge Dredd, some new-retro music would fit perfect in that theme!

Is it Cyberpunk, or is it just a modern city?
When I first read Neuromancer, we could tell the difference, but these days, I don’t know :slight_smile:
That level looks fantastic. Great job!

Are you using NVIDIA ShadowPlay for recording? It takes basically nothing on the frame rate. Best invention ever!
(The reason they can do this recording without affecting framerates is technical, and includes them having hardware encoding on the GPU as well as direct access to the framebuffer currently being displayed.)

That looks absolutely fantastic. Amazing work!

fantastic fantastic fantastic …

How long did you work on this?

can you share demo ?

its better than gta v :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Kelheor, Crow87 It took around 5-6 months working in the evenings or whenever I had some spare time. Sounds like a lot, but there’s quite a bit of content to produce, everything from trashcans to police drones :slight_smile:

**jwatte ** I was aiming more for a “plausible cyberpunk”. Something that we may potentially witness in the next 30-40 years, and not in say three centuries.

franktech That would be the world I would love to see as well. Maximum interaction with the world, freedom to do anything. But you gotta remember, I’m just one guy, and this was purely art level mocked up to look like a game :slight_smile:

**Farshid ** Perhaps, some day I would release a demo. Would need to do some more work on it before that :wink: