Customized UVs for Mobile Development

This is my fire mobile project, and I’ve heard that UV’s don’t function the same in the mobile renderer. Instead of plugging texture coords into the UV channel of texture samples, we instead plug them directly into the material attribute node, is this correct? If so, why is this not working for me?

What am I doing wrong?


Hmm, they work differently in that the customised UV’s are in the vertex shader instead of the pixel shader with is large perf optimisation for mobile.

Saying that, this looks like it should be working… sorry :frowning:

Bump, still having issues.

[just](javascript::wink: [like](javascript::wink: [this](javascript::wink:

Hey old thread but it would still be good to know this.

Just curious if i need to make sure the UVs are using the same values?