Customized UV result does not work in WPO

Simple to recreate:

  • add a customized UV to your material
  • plug any scalar parameter in that customized UV input
  • Add a texCoord node with the Custom UV index
  • plug that texcoord node in the World Position Offset Input

Changing the scalar paremeter has no effect on the world position offset. Pluggin the TexCoord in any other material input like Base Color has a effect.

I didn’t get what you expect when plug scalar to UV.

You need to multiply UVcoord with scalar or vector2 and then plug to CustomizedUVs input.

Anything else then then nothing is what I expect! It is just the most simple way to recreate it. I use Customized UVs as a workaround for getting pivot locations of instanced meshes.

WPO is already evaluated per vertex, so there is no point in trying to pass it via custom UV and location of instanced static meshes should be available the conventional way.

This is the workaround I’m using, see screenshot: Material Local Space and Instanced Static Meshes - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
It works for everything except WPO, when I plug the result in WPO I get nothing. If you have another way to to get the pivot locations of instance meshes in the material please let me know. If you think the Component Location Node works, it does not because it only returns the location of the base instance mesh, that is a component, every instance not.