Customized detail pannel problem with sub category

It seems that UE4.12 automatically generates UI for sub categories. So after I upgraded, I got this extra titles:


There are extra titles besides the groups I added using IDetailCategoryBuilder::AddGroup().

I can’t find a way to hide these extra titles :(. HideCategory() or anything like that doesn’t work.

I also tried to directly apply customization on sub categories. I get sub categories, using IDetailLayoutBuilder::EditCategory(), passing the category name, which contains a |. then I call IDetailCategoryBuilder::AddProperty(). But after this, properties are gone. I can’t see these property UI.


Any way to correctly add customization on properties of sub categories.

Same problem here, this is really annoying as it seems like it should work fine. Can anyone enlighten us please?

Has this problem been resolved yet? Currently working in 4.15 and I noticed I may be having the same issue

No, it has not be resolved yet.