Customise details panel in my own blueprint component

Hey guys,

I am developing a plugin for the unreal engine and I have a problem with the details panel.
In my plugin I’ve created an own blueprint component in the ThirdPersonCharacter and in the details panel of this component the future user has to specify some bones. As you can see below the current state is that the future developer has to write the bonenames in a box, without checking if the names are right or wrong.
For the future developer, who is using my plugin, it would be better if he could have a list of all bones from which he can choose the bones he wants (This is at the category “Sockets” implemented, as you can see below).
Do you think this is possible?

Thank you for your answers!!




Yes, this will be possible but it’s not straight forward.

You’ll need to become very familiar with Slate to create the UI, as well as spending quite a lot of time looking through the Engine source in order to work out how to populate your lists etc.

I’ve only ever done this on quite a simple level (extending the custom graph samples) so I can’t really offer loads of advice, but these links are a good start:

Sad that there is no easier way to do this :frowning:
But thank you for your fast answer!