Custom Wyvern Material not working

I’m new to modding, but I mad a beautiful custom wyvern. I brought it to the Ark Dev Kit, and I wanted to add colors etc. Anyways, I went to add the material for the wyvern, but instead, this notification popped up, “Material didn’t allow automatic setting of usage flag b.UsedWithSkeletalMesh needed to render on this component, using Default Material instead.” Any idea how to fix this? I mad the wyvern on blender, and added titano plates and made a custom tail. PLEASE! I don’t want to loose all my hard work.

Also, If this an issue with the skeleton, any ideas on how to make it work? I’m redoing it rn, and I hope that helps. But any ideas is appreciated. Thx

you need to set the flag b.UsedWithSkeletalMesh in the material

Ok! But where do I find that? I read through that, (which was helpful), but i can’t figure out what even is wrong with my wyvern. I uploaded it, but it always has error messages. Asking about things, and I have a tutorial right next to me. Do I start over? Or is there something I need to do in exporting/ importing that I’m doing wrong? I am trying to use an edited normal fire wyvern skin, could that be the issue?

I don’t know if you can see this well, but I have a normal wyvern, and mine. The normal one has more LOD’s and fewer elements, and the colors show up. Mine has some of the colors added in (not all bc they aren’t there). Am I doing something wrong?

in the material, with no nodes selected, it will be in the left hand side in details

Could you be more specific? I have both materials pulled up (they are the same as the traditional fire wyvern, except i made them slightly darker) and i don’t see a “details” tab or place to click. I do see a long list of things under the palette menu. Sorry I don’t understand! I’ve been trying my best to look around, but tutorials and information is hard to find.

should be right there, if not go to window>details

OMGoodness you did it! Thank you so much!! I got my wyvern to have colors! Thank you!

one more thing to ask, I’m trying to add the animations, but all i get is a sphere. The tutorial next to me has a whole wyvern body, but I only had a sphere, and i don’t think that’s right. any ideas?