Custom UPROPERTY Specifiers


Is there any mechanism for adding custom UPROPERTY specifiers at the moment?

If not, does anyone know the place(s) to start looking in the UBT preprocessor that would be of most interest to do this?


EDIT: I have already considered using Metadata specifiers, but they are only available if you’re building with the editor. I need to access the extra data at runtime. I know the .def file where the specifiers are defined, but I mostly want to know if anyone has considered/done this with their own specifiers.


you can’t set custom secifier. But you could use the meta data attribute.

The meta data takes key value pairs. I used them in a project for controller autowiring UPROPERTY(meta=(“autowire”:“true”))

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I looked at Metadata specifiers, but they only exist if you’re building with the editor (ie. if WITH_EDITOR is defined). That’s why I’m asking about fully fledged specifiers, I need the extra data at runtime.

I also want to ask this question, I need the extra data at runtime.