Custom UGameViewportClient: call function from blueprint

I have created a custom UGameViewportClient and within it, I have a function called Initialize, that looks like this:


UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "CustomGameViewportClient")
void InitializeCustomGameViewportClient();


void UCustomGameViewportClient::InitializeCustomGameViewportClient()
		World = GetWorld();
		playerController = World->GetFirstPlayerController();
		myCharacter = UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerCharacter(World, 0);
		initialized = server.Initialize();

I cannot call this function from another blueprint because the it requires a target and complains:

This blueprint is not a
CustomGameViewportClient, therefore
Target must have a connection.

I have also tried the Set Timer by Function Name, but the function just never gets called.

How can I call my function?

Figured it out.

UGameViewportClient* gameViewport = GEngine->GameViewport;

Another way is like this:

UCustomGameViewportClient* gameViewport = Cast<UCustomGameViewportClient>(GEngine->GameViewport);