Custom Textures Creating Lame Artifacts

Hello, so I’m still pretty new to this whole engine, so forgive me if it turns out I’m just missing something stupid. I created a new landscape using a material with three layers of textures. The painting and everything works just fine, but then when I have my player move around, it creates a bunch of artifacts on the textures around him (image below.) How do I fix this? Below I have also attached a picture of the blueprints I am currently using for this material. Any and all input is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to UE4 :stuck_out_tongue: that’s the main problem with Temporal AA and as far as I know your only option is to switch to FXAA.

I really wish a better AA solution gets implemented at some point but I wouldn’t hold my breath (it has been 2 years already).

Try reducing or disabling motion blur and see if that helps (the artifacts should be less obvious).

That looks more like motion blur. Try disabling it.