Custom Terrain from world machine... Is there an easier way besides splats to texture the terrain? I need variety

I remember using cryengine and all I had to do was import the height map. Imported the color map as a base and then add multiple layers to it. I was able to add multiple detail textures and paint them anywhere in the terrain, with or without changing the color map.

You can paint layers onto your landscape in UE4 as well. This link will show you how to do that.

Also, once you are a little more familiar with the material editor…you can make more complex layers that allow you to use multiple textures on each layer.

The following is a very simple example of a alpha blended landscape layer.

The following images are a demonstration of the power of this technique. This is a very advanced example of a single landscape layer that has three textures procedurally blended.

ohhhh very nice… Is that alpha blend?

Yep…the rocky dirt texture is alpha blended based on the rock texture. The snow texture is alpha blended with a totally independent texture.

This has to be photo shopped…

lol I appreciate the suspicion, but I assure you that its very genuine.

I cannot get my height blends to work… Anyone have a configuration for Just Detail Texturing a Erosion flowmap only… then the rest of the materials work independently by painting?

Show me some screen shots of what you have done. Are you using the basic landscape importer, or are you using level streaming?

When you use weight maps (aka splat maps) the layers in your material become the colors in the texture. Any detailing you do in those layers would I think accomplish what your wanting to do. I’m not sure that I understand you correctly.