Custom skylight/cubemap for material/mesh

Hi everyone!

I searched on google and in this forum, but couldn’t find a solution for my problem. Maybe someone has an idea:

There are some elements of my level (which will be in a sublevel) that should receive the light and reflections from a different skylight/hdr/cubemap. Baking would be a solution, but the elements will be dynamic and I would like to have a more flexible solution without baking.

Right now I have captured a cubemap from this skylight/hdr but I’m missing the final link to apply this cubemap only on specific elements :confused: Applying the cubemap like a enviroment map to the materials would be also a way. Is there a shader solutions out there which has a nice result?

Using a reflection probe actor and list the elements that should be effects would be also nice. But there is no such list :frowning:

There is a post process which could be applied to my elements via a mask. But as I understood this will result just in an additive blending from a custom cubemap.

Thank you for any ideas!

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Ioannis Mihailidis

You could solve the lighting via the light channels. There are two reflection nodes in the Material Editor but I have no idea how to use them. Maybe you can use it to tinker a cube map into the emissive input of the material.

If it is in a sublevel, or an isolated enough area, maybe you could switch between cubemaps for the skylight during entering this particular sublevel/area. Like this:

this is basically the classic indoor-outdoor problem

check out this thread:…nside-lighting
I wrote a reply there listing potential solutions for this problem