Custom sky sphere lit even though material set to unlit


I’m trying to create a custom sky sphere based on a cube map out of the software Spacescape.

I’ve followed this tutorial up until he starts adding material parameters.
My issue (which he doesn’t seem to come across) is that my skysphere seems lit. If I set my scene to Unlit I get the result I’m
looking for which matches what I created in Spacescape. Since I dont want my scene completely unlit this is not an option and I
desperately need a work around. I’m new to UE4 and the lighting part is for me probably the most difficult part. I’m probably missing
something obvious but nothing I’ve read have helped thus far…

Below I’ve attatched images displaying my scene lit, unlit, my material and my blueprint.

Spacescape is such an amazing tool and being able to achieve the same result inside UE4 would be priceless!