Custom Shading Models Via Plug-in?

Hey Guys,
i would like to create custom shading models for unreal but not for the c++ version of ue4 but for the “normal” version.
i found a couple of tutorials for custom shading models but not in combination with plugins… does this even work or?

It’s simply not possible (at least for now) - you need to modify engine source code in few places to expose new shading model.

Yeah, it’s not even remotely possible given how many areas of the engine need to be modified to properly support new shading models; both editor-side and engine-side changes have to be made (the material compiler/definitions, the pixel inspector, etc. etc — a variety of core shader files would also have to be modified).

There are actually quite a number of areas that you have to update to properly support additional shading models across the board, really.

And, as a rule, engine code may never rely on a plugin to operate (vice versa is obviously true, of course).

UE4 should support Custom Shading Models Via Plug-in:D