Custom rotator for Normals?

I am trying to rotate my normals with a Custom Rotator for my dynamical Instance static meshes (I have a function that gives the desired angle of rotation to them) but they come out wrong as if the engine adds another direction to the normals. I looked online and found few solutions but they don’t work for me as I work in Local Space because of the instances and they work in world space.

Luos World Aligned Texture/Normal for example and I can’t change it to local space as everything goes weird, if someone has a solution please do tell me. I did read that Rotate About Axis can do the trick too but it just doesn’t work for me, give me an example of how to rotate a texture with it I will appreciate it.

not 100% sure if I got your question right, but try this:

Did you try switching between world / local using InverseTransformRotation nodes?

It’s maybe a long shot, but there’s also this great vid on recalculating normals:

I wrote almost this exact code before and it didn’t work but now it does… Life is strange… Thanks.