Custom Render Pass Ambient Occlusion renders first three frames

So I have a very simple scene with a animated camera in a Sequencer, 3 models that are static, Skyligh, Directional Light and a SkyAtmosphere.

I want to render out this simple sequence then composite it in Fusion on top of a live footage. (I motion tracked live footage in Blender, imported that camera in Unreal and now playing with seting up a scene.)

The problem is I don’t have a AO on the ground so I’ve setuped a plane for it to catch shadows on the ground. There is no shadowcatcher material as far as I know, so I wanted to render out AO pass then composite on the footage with out a ground.

The problem is I only get first 3 frames in the render. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I’ve even enabled post processing in the camera AND put processing volume. Nothing. Documentation on Custom render passes doesn’t help. Also I’ve tried exporting to EXR, nothing.

Thank you in advance.