Custom Projectile Not Generating Hit Events

I mirrored everything I could think of from the first person template that involved projectiles, but I’m having no luck getting the hit event to respond. I noticed in the template that neither the cubes or the projectile have Simulation Generates Hit Events, so I’ve done the same here, but the tool tip says that it has to be enabled, so I’m confused. Even when that is true it still doesn’t generate a hit event. What could I be doing wrong?

I made a new projectile in the first person template thinking there might be a level setting I’m missing, but it too is having the same issues. No hit events.

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Not sure if I can be of help, but the only thing I can see here from the above screen shots is that “sphere1” is not the Default Scene Root.

I could be wrong, but I believe the script runs from the root scene, so if your collision is not set as the root, it will act as if collision isn’t their.

I know when I have created projectiles in my project, I have always set the collision bounds as root, and I have not experienced this problem.

Hope this helps resolve your problem.


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To add to this is that overlap and hit events are different if I remember right, so you want to click on your Sphere and down the bottom of the details panel there is bind on Overlap or use Actor Overlap event instead of On Hit. Hit is for when your collision is blocking, cool.

That makes sense why I would prefer overlap over hit, but the first person template is using the exact graph I have above and I’m still confused why its not working.

I made the collision component the root and it still doesn’t generate a hit event.

I found this post which explains why I’m not getting hit events.

But I don’t understand why the first person projectile has different options that I can’t find in my project.

First Person Projectile Collision Component

My Projectile Collision Component

I just don’t know.

Also when I set the collision responses to anything but Overlap the projectile just sticks to its spawn location and doesn’t move. It does spawn and move when the collision responses are set to overlap. I just might copy the first person projectile form the template it use it in my project because trying to reverse engineer this to make my own from scratch is giving me a headache.

This answered it.

Hi Ghost, would it be possible for you to send me your project, as in my UE4 I cannot seem to replicate the issue :confused: to test anything.

Last question on the assets you are trying to shoot at, do they have “Simulate Physics” ticked? The First person template projectile seem to base their collision on assets with physics only.

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Sorry for the late delay. I’m in multiple places looking for multiple solutions to different problems to meet project deadlines.

I’ve solved the problem (so far nothing seems to be breaking) just by fudging the collision presets. Apparently WorldDynamic is the collision type that needs to be overlapped.

I’m sure something will come up further down the road where this might need to be changed cause I’m not sure if this is a correct solution to interact with other kinds of physics bodies.