Custom physic vehicle simulation! Project download included

Hi! I made this vehicle class in blueprint for various reasons, watch the video and please tell me what you think of it :slight_smile:

Here is the trailer video =D

Newest Video:

Also, feel free to download the project file and have some fun with it!
If you would like to contribute to this free project, please contact me. I need help making all of this work in multiplayer but any visual improvement is welcome too!

Forgot to say that the car 3D model come from the internet, I have no idea if it can be used in commercials projects so it would be safe to assume it is not.
and by the way, if you use this project for a commercial project, after changing the 3D models, credits would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Discord server to discuss the project in real-time with me and else!

Download Version 3.1 (Unreal Engine 4.20)
Download Version 3.0 (Unreal Engine 4.20)
Download Version 2.9 (Unreal Engine 4.17)
Download Version 2.8(Unreal Engine 4.17)
Download Version 2.7 (Unreal Engine 4.17)
Dowbload Version 2.6 (Unreal Engine 4.17)
Download Version 2.5 (Unreal Engine 4.16)
Download Version 2.4.2 (Unreal Engine 4.16)
Download Version 2.4.1 (Unreal Engine 4.16)
Download Version 2.3 (Unreal Engine 4.16)
Download Version 2.2 (Unreal Engine 4.15)
Download Version 2.1 (Unreal Engine 4.15)
Download Version 2.0 (Unreal Engine 4.15)
Download Version 1.7 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.6 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.5 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.4 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.3 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.2 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.1 (Unreal Engine 4.14)
Download Version 1.0 (Unreal Engine 4.14)

If you have any sugestions for this project I’d like to read them :slight_smile:

Input mapping:

This vehicle have manual and automatic transmision :slight_smile:

-Throttle : W
-Brake : S
-Steering : A D or Mouse X
-HandBrake : Spacebar
-Reverse Gear : Right mouse button
-Change view : V
-Gear Up : E
-Geard Down : Q
-Look Around : mouse X and Y or Arrow keys
-Get in and out of the car : F
-Show/Hide Debug Widget : TAB

Have a good day! Save

Screenshot of upcoming features!



Awesome man. I tried something like this a while back but was never satisfied with how the vehicle felt. It was incredibly bouncy, but yours doesn’t seem to suffer from the same problems. I appreciate you uploading the project.

How customizable is it? From the vid, the car looks to be FWD, can I make it RWD? Also, do I need to remake the car mesh (skeletal mesh) I made for the default system or will it work?

Does it work at low FPS (10-15)?

the vehicle in the video is a rear wheel drive, you can see it from the burnout while facing the wall, but you can apply torque to anny of the wheels you want, even apply torque to the left wheels only if you want to xD it is very customizable, and the vehicle body does not have to be a skeletal mesh at all, it can be, but does not HAVE to. I just made a collision mesh inside 3ds max, using the UCX thing. Any mesh you use with the default wheeled vehicle class should work with this class too.

as for the fps, I dont know, I run the project at 210 fps. if I lower it to 60 fps by activating the V-sync, I do not see any difference in the physic simulation at all. Plus you can always activate physic substepping wich is turned off right now as it is not needed.

Where you able to open the project without problems?

Yeah it opened fine, it runs at 120 FPS, my FPS the Editor will allow, which is normal for the titan x on my work computer and my GPU at home is a 1080 so I can’t really test it’s performance. The only thing that doesn’t run good on these cards is Forza Horizon 3. I’ll keep messing with it, I moved the camera over to be centered on the vehicle as the offset felt a little weird, and added controller support to it. I need to test the reaction whenever 2 wheels overlap next.

The manual switching requires 2 clicks for a gear change? you should switch it to AWSD control and space for the brakes.
Otherwise great project!

Well, one to shift up and one to shift down, I want to make an automatic transmision later tho.

You can change the controls to wathever you like :slight_smile: I am personally going to map them to a controller.

Love it!
A bit tricky to get used to the manual gearbox, but overall the behavior is great.

Wanted to ask about customization settings such as acceleration, top speed, steering curve, etc. but found them already - all neatly grouped in the “Setup” category in the variables.

Q: What is “Fake Wheels Min Ang Vel”?

As for bugs/troubles/crashes - none so far.

Well you know what the fake wheels does, right? The “Fake Wheels Min Ang Vel” Is how much angular velocity the fake wheels can have under zero. For when the car is going fast on reverse :slight_smile: if you set this to zero, you will notice that the wheels won’t seem to spin anymore while driving backward.

(this variable was removed, I now use the “Fake wheels Ang Vel” multiplicated by -1 for the minimum instead of a second variable, It was pretty misleading)

And thanks for the feedback ^^ I did some adjustment to the project and will post a verssion 1.1 very soon :slight_smile:

little bit of improvement, better control of the car, steering wheel actually steering, glass material, some lights, and few clean-ups of the blueprints.

If you want to contribute to this project just message me :slight_smile: and of course, please let me know what you think of this project and how I could further improve it.

download link is in the first post.

Have a good day!

Would love sample setups for front and all wheel drive.
I tried setting up 4-wheel drive, but the steering got pretty sensitive.

“what the fake wheels does” - could you elaborate on this?

the fake wheels are only for esthetic purpose, there are the physical wheels that are used in the simulation, they are invisible because they spin too fast and it make them VERY glitchy, So I place these fake wheels without any collisions, to be seen instead of the actual wheels that are doing all the job. the only difference is I clamp the angular velocity of the fake wheels to a value that won’t make them glitch out :slight_smile:

Little update to add damping to the suspension and a different acceleration curve for every gear :slight_smile:
Also quite a bit of clean-up in the blueprint again to make it easier, like tooltips for the variable and such.

Download in the first post version 1.2.

As usual, let me know what I could still improve as I don’t really see anything to add right now x)

Hi, this looks fantastic and i tried to open the project to have a look but it’s not compatable with 4.13 :frowning: which is the engine im currently using for projects. Would i be able to replicate this following your tutorial in version 4.13 ?

My previous tutorials were made in 4.13 I believe, but you have to know that I used the default wheeled vehicle class for these tuts. It is a whole lot harder to setup and require skinning in your modeling software, and the results are not as good as this project.

you can still install 4.14 in parallel with 4.13, this way you could open the project in 4.14 and reproduce it in 4.13 manually.

Thanks for the swift reply , i will try what you suggested first then perhaps at some point move over to 4.14 for future projects. I have subbed to your YT channel and look forward to more tutorials.

this is awesome dude, but why does it feel too “slippery”?

You mean by that, that it looks like its drifting too much when it does not? or that it drift all the time when it should not?
you can tune the acceleration and tire friction, also the weight of the vehicle to prevent that. But I think it feels great, now that might just be me tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I also have to ask if you have that feeling from version 1.2 ; it was more slipery in 1.0 because of the wheel collision, it made the steering inneficient. Wich was fixed since 1.1

have a good day :slight_smile: