Custom physic vehicle simulation! Project download included.

I must say after quickly looking at the project , it looks great and perhaps merged with the GTA vehicle style player entry “Thirdperson + Firstperson” would be a fantastic addition to the project. Great Job Dude.

Well I want to keep this project about vehicles, but I can add a quick first person to third person switch on the player pawn as well.

Is that what you mean?

Yes sorry that’s what i meant , that sounds great. Also quick question : would it be better moving to 4.14 for vehicle related projects more than sticking with 4.13 ?

if you plan on using physic simulation for the vehicles, yess, totally. the 4.14 update brought us updates on the physx I believe. And Epic said on the release note of 4.14 that there would be more to come.

I’ve never broken a blueprint by opening a project with a more recent version of the engine, plus you can open a copy of it instead of the original so your project is not at any risk if you decide to try it.

Sans titre.png

  1. "why does it feel too “slippery” - I noticed that, too - in fact that is my biggest problem so far - at higher speeds the car is very difficult to control, slight steering makes the car lose control and often perform an U-turn or just drift uncontrollably.
    I suspect, it’s either friction or/and the steering sensitivity. The latter might be a keyboard problem (xbox controller should be much better as it has smooth input).

Unreal’s Vehicle class uses a “Steering Curve” to reduce impact of steering at different speeds (but I’m not sure what it actually affects - the speed of steering, it’s max value?), maybe that’d help.

  1. Just an observation, accelerating in 5th gear from 0 kmh goes pretty smoothly - I’d expect the car to have some trouble there.
    Currently I don’t see any reason to use any gear other than R, N and 5.

  2. Any reason why the default mass is set to 600kg and not something more realistic?
    Build 1.2 seems especially bouncy right now - probably the changes in suspension (2000kg as mass works fine for me).

  3. Handbrake should affect only the rear wheels - that way it can be used for maneuvers.
    Could also be added as a setup option.

  4. “Outside pawn” - In general I’d suggest setting up the level to start immediately inside the car - makes testing new builds much more comfortable.
    (Personally I prefer TP_Camera with TP_Springarm.Length set to 1250, so it’s far enough to inspect the wheels).

I’ll add a steering speed curve so that the wheels steer slower the faster the car goes, and the wheels affected by handbrake will be put in an array to allow people to decide wich wheels will be in it and affected by handbrake, as far as spawning in the vehicle and springarm lengh, this is up to everyone to change :stuck_out_tongue:

And the suspension is much less bouncy in 1.2 since it can be tweeked with the damping variable, I’ll increase the weight of the car to make it jump less too.

and I want to add a stalling system, to prevent the player from going from first to fifth gear. Have 2 arrays, one for minimum speed you have to be at for each gear so you don’t stall the car, and another one for maximum speed you can go for each gear so you don’t stall the car again :slight_smile: this way if the player do not change gear properly the car will stall, and you will have to press a key and wait a second or two for the car to start again, of course you have to brake to bring it to a full stop to be able to start it again and it will fall back to neutral gear.

I also want to add a Bool value to let you choose between manual and automatic transmision of course.

thanks for the feedback.

I tested it, and it seems to work fine even though my rig is not a monster at any rate and the fps rarely exceeds 30.

I agree that the car slides way too easily and that it’s too light and I can’t wait for auto transmission. But really looking forward to using this in my own project, when time permits …

How does the physic simulation react to be ran at 30 FPS ? is it still acting properly? If not you could go into the project settings, under the physic tab, and activate sub-stepping.

automatic transmision done and other things, new video soon ^^

Pretty sweet but the vehicle still looks a bit unstable. I mean it’s being affected by physics a bit too much.

Will that be up as version 1.3?

Absolutely :stuck_out_tongue:

Also started adding visual modifications to the car, as all majors features have been implemented. Is anyone still interested?

I noticed that in 1.2 “is drifting” never returns true for me. Was this still work in progress in that version or how would I go about that?

In v1.2 steering works fine for me if I set Steering Speed to .2 (or less) and stay below 90kmh - above that it’s insanely hard to control the car.
Am curious if steering curves will fix that or if it is a friction or torque steering issue.

yess the steering curve will help a lot. for me the drifting bool is almost always true. because the wheels are simply always going too fast for how much the vehicle move forward.
Still tweaking all of this.

Very interested :slight_smile:

it’s a joke, right ? :slight_smile:

Man great work!

Another update!
Automatic transmision, paint color change in editor, stall system for manual transmision, better control of the car at high speed using float curves for steering speed and max angle.

Download in the first post as version 1.3

Also let me know if you have a preference as for wich one of the two cars I should make drivable in the tutorial that is coming next, as I have to make a vehicle drivable to record the process I decided it would be nice to add a new one instead of re-doing the dodge charger. So the vehicle chosen for the tutorial will be added to the project for download as well :stuck_out_tongue:

have a good day!

Yep this is looking good bro keep it up.