Custom Pawn BP not being read in Multiplayer

Okay, I made a custom Pawn Blueprint as seen :

All I did was duplicate, rename and use the nodes. I used the original BP from the third person flier found :

I change the default pawn class in project settings. I alter the inputs for my bp. I remove the original pawn from the map, add my custom pawn. I try using multiplayer in New Editor Window, with and without dedicated server. The custom pawn loads up for only one client. All other clients spawn a camera at 0,0,0.

The original pawn when not set to dedicated server spawns clients appropriately. When set to dedicated, only one client spawns appropriately.

the problem is that the pawns spawn one on each other and they overlap so unreal says I can’t spawn them, add more Player Starts(unreal will spawn the pawns at random Player Start)