custom node: return SceneTextureLookup(uv,14,false) not working

Hello there, in Post Process material the hlsl code in a custom-node (“return SceneTextureLookup(uv,14,false);” always says [SM5] /Engine/Generated/Material.ush(1410,8-46): error X3004: undeclared identifier ‘SceneTextureLookup’. In Window → HLSL Code there is a correct function defined:
float4 (float2 UV, int SceneTextureIndex, bool bFiltered)

Other functions work too… So either i miss something really badly or there is something wrong with this shader function. I experienced this problem in 4.21 and 4.19.2

Maybe someone can help me with it.


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Gotta use scene texture material expression in your graph before the custom node.


Already got it to work. Might be too late yesterday :). Thank you.

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Hello , could you please tell me how you solved the issue?
Thank you!!

Why is this the case? The function in HLSL looks like it should be accessible.