Custom nameplates in 3d worldspace

Hi, i have a question about rendering billboards/nameplates in a custom way and i really hope, someone can help me with this.
Please take a look at this:

As you can see, the nameplate

  • is always facing the camera
  • is behind other 3d objects
  • is perfect pixel ratio, not blurry or artifacts when scaled or moved (sorry for the bad video quality)

The font is Arial (without antialias, i think a bitmap font)
I also made an in-game screenshot to see the correct quality:


So, how they do that?? A long time ago i search for an answer or technique to realize that, but no luck. If i use a widget in screenspace, its not behind 3d objects. If i use a 3d widget in worldspace, then the text is not perfect pixelated - its blurry or got artifacts.

Anyone have an idea how they do this or know a technique for that??

I also would very much like to know how to make pixel-perfect text. I know there’s an option to turn a font from runtime to offline and there you can turn anti-aliasing off but when I go back to the widget to select this new offline font, I can’t find it in the dropdown menu. Widgets don’t seem to support offline fonts.

The solution is to not use 3D Widgets or the “text render component”. These are in-world objects and will be subject to all post-processing and behave just like 3D Objects.

The proper solution is to use regular 2D widgets, and project their position from world->screen space. You can do a quick and dirty version by using a widget component, and setting it to “screen” space. There are more optimal solutions though, since widget components have considerable rendering cost.