Custom mesh only viewable from a certain angle

Hey, so I have this custommeshcomponent, which is in a blueprint.

When I spawn it, I can only see the mesh from oneside.

This mesh is a triangle. Here are two pictures:

From this side it’s viewable

but if you walk over to the left a few steps:

It suddenly becomes invisible.

Do you know why this happens and if I can fix this?

I believe the you need to set your material to 2 sided. The back faces are culled by default. Here is a link to a similar question that should help you out.

Thank you this worked! I went into the material of the custom mesh and changed it there!

Do you by any chance know how to add collisions to a custom mesh?

No problem! Here is a detailed tutorial that shows how to do it in c++. I’m not sure if there is a way do do it in blueprint yet.