Custom map completely dark

Hello guys,

I have a problem here. I made a map on blender and imported it to a 3d person template on ue4. Its all nice and I can run around my map with adefault character. But when I press Build lightning, the map becomes completely black. I left all default lightning components and settings. I tried to apply texture to my map but same problem. Nothing I tried helped. And on my phone its just a dark screen with only control sticks visible. Mobile HDR unticked and optimised for android.
Now I dont remember having this problem on 4.2. Can someone tell me how to make the map to stay lit after lightning rebuild?

Lightmap UVs set up?

Nope. Pls explain how to do that. Im new and clueless

It’s best to do it in your 3D package. However, I’ve never used Blender so can’t offer any advice in that respect.

Alternatively, you can do it in Unreal. If you double-click your static mesh in the Content Browser it’ll open up the static mesh editor. Here you can create a new UV channel for your lightmaps by going to Window > Generate Unique UVs. You’ll get a new panel open up on the right of the screen. Make sure the ‘UV channel to save results to’ field is set to UV Channel 1, and hit apply. It’ll take a moment to generate the new UVs.

Depending on the complexity of your mesh, this may or may not work. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to create a new UV channel in blender and map your static mesh’s UVs into that. You should be able to find a YT tutorial if that’s the case.

Thank you very much! Ill try both methods and see which one is less painful and gives better results. Cheers!

Or take a look at this tutorial:

and here you can get more information about lightmaps:

Finishing work in an hour, then ill check everything out. Ty

So I followed the youtube tutorial in the link and it fixed the problem. I can see my map in viewport and on my phone too. Thank you guys for help!

No problem, glad to hear it. You should share some screenshots :slight_smile: