Custom made Vault packs


I’m looking to find ways to organize my assets in the absence of a "master vault’ or asset library, and was wondering if it’s possible to create my own vault packages?

I’d like to have a few basic sets of general assets available in my launchers vault, like a collection of commonly used textures or meshes. It would be great to also have packs of particles, materials etc.

I’ve located the vault cache on my hard drive but i don’t know how to create the ‘manifest’ file or what it does.

Is it possible for me to build my own vault packs? This would be a huge help in staying organized and saving time if anyone has any ideas?

Thanks for your help,


Hello all,

After some more research (and many a wasted hour) it seems custom vault packs are not supported or (permitted) possible to be created.

Despite trying to jump through every seemingly unnecessary hoop to try and get to a half professional way to manage assets, for now we are doomed to this crazy workflow.

I can only assume this is intentionally done to force marketplace purchases of conveniently accessible assets.

This is beyond frustrating. I’m considering returning to Unity for future projects.
Yes, you have really nice lighting in UE4 yada, yada, yada, but beyond flashy demo scenes, its just pure frustration.

UE4 is seriously lacking some very basic tools for building well organized projects with efficient workflows.

What am I missing? Organizing assets has to be possible.

How is anyone working efficiently?

What are studios doing to have access to their large asset libraries?

I could migrate assets to my new project I hear you say! What I great idea!

Lets say I’m looking for a specific ground material I used once… I’ll stop what i’m doing, close down my project and go look for it. Was it the landscape project? I’ll open that and see…no… oh well maybe the forrest project I was working on… nope, not there, maybe I’ll just load every project I’ve ever made in UE4 until I find that one element, and then migrate it.


I look forward to wasting even more time importing every texture, every material, every mesh, every element, …every time.

You can run more than one instance of Unreal Engine Editor.

You could create a Content Example type project with all your assets on display with notes and such.

That way you can have a much more involved browsing experience.

I actually asked this question when the new feature was first announced and got a response from Marc Audy from this post in the 4.7 preview thread. It is technically possible to do, and will be improved over time. Here is what he said:

EDIT: For clarity’s sake what I am referring to is the new feature in 4.7 that allows you to add in “Content Packs” from the Content Browser. Right now there are only a few content packs, such as the starter content pack. You can also add in a Template pack which allows you to add in the third person template to a first person template based project, among others.

All of the above is version 4.7+ though, it will not work in 4.6.1

Thank you for your input guys!

I’ll try it when I get home.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I’m wondering if this has been implemented in 4.8 yet?

You can just put the folders you want to replicate on your projects on the same spot the “desktop starter content” is, it will go together with the starter if you put on the correct place. That’s what I did anyway, don’t know if its the best possible solution.