Custom Log Categories make team members unable to compile after merging

For some reason my custom log categories, which work perfectly fine on my branch, make my team members completely unable to compile after merging. Why is this happening? Log categories would be really useful to be able to use but they seem to cause problems in my project at every turn…

Hi, thanks for your response. I believe there are no issues with the includes. My log categories are in my project’s .h file, which should be accessible throughout my project. The person who merged had no merge conflicts either.

Maybe you merged something wrong: did you check that includes are still correct? To make use of the custom log category you need to include your module’s header file whereever you are using it to log something. The error list makes it seem as if your category isn’t recognized in some places.

Yes he did regenerate his files, he also tried including the project.h in case that could help vs realise that the categories were all set up but neither of those things helped the issue unfortunately.

I’ve also attempted to solve this issue in person at a previous time when this issue appeared, with no luck then either.

Thank you for your response! If you have any other ideas I can try id much appreciate the input.

Did your team mate regenerate his project solution?
In case of new files being added via merging, but the .sln not being handled by git, some files might not be built even though they exist.

You should just check his code via teamviewer or live code share which is available in VS 2019.

You can shoot me a private message to go over your code if you want to. Profile found here::

This is still unresolved, i’ve noted a few other people on the ue4 answerhub with this issue. I think it may be some unreal files behind the scene that are being discarded or conflicting when using source control, however i’m not certain.