Custom launcher for UnrealEngine game!

Hello everyone !

Im in the making of a C+/QT launcher for a game made by unreal engine.
I want to launch the game from my custom launcher and maybe give him a few settings/options so the game run in a different way depending on the options i gave him.

I don’t know if it’s possible but i dindnt find anything on google about that !

What’s the best way to do it ?

Thanks mate

This might be what you’re looking for. Although it’s in C#.

Hey !

Thanks for the answer !

Yeah i saw that but it’s from 2014 so… kinda outdated… dunno if he will answer to my question, i’ll try tho !

But is it that uncommon to make an external launcher ?

It’s possible, I did it once. I needed to launch my game with custom parameters and passing data to the game to be used inside. Example. All you need to do in C++ is

int result = system("C:\\PathToMyGame\\MyGame.exe -myFirstParam=5 -mySecondParam=myUsername -myThirdParam=mypassword");

That should work I think.

Oh thanks for that !

Just need to know how to “lock” the .exe, like… if he is not logged in, he can’t launch the game or something like that !

You want to launch the game only if the player logged in? Is that correct?

If so, what you can do is, inside the launcher, create http request to a website, that will generate a token, return that token and launch the game with it. If the token is not present in the launching options, just exit the game. If it’s present, you can download all the info you need for the specific player by that token.

Hey man,

Yeah it sounds like a great idea ! Thank you very much for your help ! i will try this out !