Custom Latent function for Actor Blueprint in C++

I am trying to create a latent function for the custom blueprint class extending an actor. Within the actor I want to connect to a device – the connection code is handled by a separate thread. I want to have a function Connect which has two responses OnSuccess and OnFail. I figured out how to define this, but I am still little unclear how to utilize LatentActions. On my update function I can check the status on the connection thread and then return appropriately. I looked at this tutorial: but I am still missing details to progress on this. Any help would be appreciated.

// in header I defined enum
enum class OUT_EXEC : uint8

// then declared function
FUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category="Connection", meta=(ExpandEnumAsExecs = "exec", Latent, LatentInfo="LatentInfo"))
void Connect(OUT_EXEC& exec, struct FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo);


Check this post. cridia explained it pretty good.

I believe you have to use Latent Action Manager to achieve this.
Hope this helps!