Custom K2 node with drop down

I’ve managed to replicate K2Node_GetDataTableRow in my own game project in an editor module. It compiles fine and also shows up in the blueprint editor, however despite copying it exactly as it was the nodes show an important difference: my custom one doesn’t have a drop down for the rows in the datatable!

It would be very appreciated if an Epic dev could give me some pointers as to why that may be happening. The only real difference I can see is in my own blueprint library where the function with custom thunk is defined I have this:

static bool Generic_GetDataTableRowFromName(UDataTable* Table, FName RowName, void* OutRowPtr);

whereas the same method in UDataTableFunctionLibrary has an ENGINE_API at the beginning. I had to remove that obviously as it wouldn’t compile, but surely that’s not the cause?

I also found the following template in GeneratedCodeHelpers.h:

	//Replacements for CustomThunk functions from UDataTableFunctionLibrary

	template<typename T>
	static bool GetDataTableRowFromName(UDataTable* Table, FName RowName, T& OutRow)
		return UDataTableFunctionLibrary::Generic_GetDataTableRowFromName(Table, RowName, &OutRow);

This doesn’t seem to be in use, or maybe I just don’t understand what’s going on. Judging from the comment, is this maybe supposed to replace the custom thunk function sometime in the future?

I have this issue too