Custom Icons Not Displaying in 4.19 Source Build


My team is currently having an issue with custom icons not appearing in either the task bar or the game window in our packaged game. After doing some research, we discovered a known issue that is similar to ours, the only differences being that we are using an older version of the engine (the issue lists 4.21 and we are using 4.19) and that we are currently using a source built version of the engine as opposed to a binary version (binary in layman’s terms being a download from the Epic Games Launcher).

I have included a link to the issue that I am citing here:

I realize that there is a long history of problems with custom icons within Unreal 4, and that there are countless questions on the matter, but none of them have provided us with a solution to this problem. Please get back to me with a solution as soon as you are able. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

EDIT: We were able to open up a .exe for the built version of our game in Visual Studio, and we noticed that the .exe’s information is not being populated from the project settings; for example, we have a company name filled out, but in Visual Studio the .exe’s CompanyName field still shows up as the (presumably) default “Epic Games, Inc.”. Hope this helps anyone investigating!

I was able to fix this manually using the following process:

  • Open the shipping .exe for the packaged game (/Binaries//–shipping.exe) in Visual Studio using File->Open->File and navigating to that .exe
  • Expand the icons folder
  • Delete the icon that is in that .exe (the UE4 logo)
  • Import your own icon by right-clicking the icon folder->Import and make sure the file type in both the selection screen and the file explorer is of type .ico
  • Select the new icon and set its ID property to 123

I am not going to mark this as solved because I am still looking into how to do this programmatically; while I was investigating I noticed that the icon made it into the “shell” .exe (whose only purpose appears to be calling the shipping .exe) none of the other project settings made it into that .exe, whereas all of the project settings made it into the shipping .exe except the icon.

I have not dug into the code behind Unreal’s build process before, and I must admit I do not understand why there are multiple .exe files created during the build. I hope that a staff member will come across this and provide an answer to my question.

Epic appears to have fixed this in 4.22; after upgrading our engine, our icons are working properly. Thanks Epic!