Custom Graph Editor for especific Class

Hi there guys, i’m creating a plugin right now and i’m kinda stuck on creating a custom Graph view, much like the one that appears on the AnimBP animation graphs.

Is basically this

But i have been having problems knowing on which ICustomization subclass should i append my code to.
Right now i managed to create a IDetailCustomization which gets called by my plugin everytime I double click or enter the blueprint editor of my specific class… so registration is not a problem right now.

Is there a ICustomization class that i can inherit from to create a graph node like the one on that question? if the one i’m using is the right one, how would i create a new tab? i’m at a loss here because there is no documentation on the issue. And i managed to get to the point to where i’m right now by checking the source code.

Any help would be appreciated

No ICustomization class saved me, had to manually create a Custom Blueprint Editor.