Custom event C++ -> Blueprint via component

I’ve looked through the forum and didn’t find the answer. I want to call a custom event from C++ to blueprints but the event is called on component.

Example from other thread ( How do I create a Custom Event in C++? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums )

UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, Category = “DmgSystem”)
void TakeDmg(int32 Damage);

works if I make this on an actor. But I want to have the same on ActorComponent ( SceneComponent in my case ) and in this case, I simply don’t see it in the editor. Do I need to do something extra to get events from components?

I would use a (Multicast) Delegate for this from blueprints you can bind a custom event to this which will fire whenever you fire the Delegate from C++ with Broadcast()

This works, thanks!

Is this a recommended way to go? Sounds a bit hacky that simple BlueprintImplementableEvent doesn’t work.