Custom Depth problem blinking when you go far away

Hi there!
I have a weird bug or problem with Custom Depth.
For some reason, when I activate Render Custom Depth in all actors I want (in this video, plants and a square which represents water), I could see the silhouette ok. If I go far away from them, the silhouette of the plants starts to blink when I move the mouse and the draw itself have to get visible through another actor or mesh.

Why could this be happening?
What error could I have done?
I add video:

I have noticed that CustomDepth was working perfectly in Editor If I enable it in Editor, but doesnt work during Gameplay when I spawn because CustomDepth is disabled from the begining and I activate it once I press V using two nodes: Set Render Custom Depth and Set Custom Depth Stencil Value to make it not visible when you start and only visible when you press V. So I tested enabling it by default and it also worked during gameplay.

My solution have been enabling CustomDepth from the start after the map is loaded and add a delay of 10 seconds in Event BeginPlay.
After that delay, I set Render CustomDepth to disabled so its not visible.
From now, when I press V to set Render CustomDepth to enabled, plants doesnt blink as in my video

I managed to fix it by changing the following project option: Project Settings> Engine> Rendering> Postprocessing> Activate the option: “Custom Depth with TemporalAA Jitter”


4.26 still seems there are problems with flickering when you dynamically change Custom Depth and stencil value is higher than 1. TemporalAA Jitter is not helping.
I am just keeping Custom Depth which works well.